Library01AIMM now has over 2,500 volumes of naval and submarine-related books, periodicals, video and digital media. Many books were received as gifts from various donors, but a significant portion of the collection is on long-term loan from the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc) USSVI. Through an agreement with USSVI, AIMM will be the home to this unique collection and will make them available to researchers. Access to the collection will be by appointment. See the contact link below to schedule an appointment.

Some of these books are long out of print and extremely rare, such as the 14-volume set History of US Naval Operations in WWII and several US Navy Technical manuals. Not just limited to American Navy and submarines, the library includes books about German, Russian, British, Canadian and other international navies as well as US and international naval warfare. In addition to the many reference books, the Library includes submarine or navy related fiction, such as The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy and Cold is the Seaand Dust on the Sea, both by CAPT Edward L. Beach (ret), a submarine captain who commanded both WWII diesel-electric and nuclear-powered submarines.

A spreadsheet of all cataloged items will be available soon.

If you would like to donate books to our research library, please contact us.

The entire library has been cataloged, but new volumes are added to the shelves almost every day.

Notable titles includeLibrary02

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