Shortly after World War II ended, a new organization was created – The United States Submarine Veterans of World War II (USSVWWII). Begining in the 1950s, this organization published a magazine for its members. Eventually, this magazine was titled Polaris, after the north star used for centuries by seagoing men to find their way.

Because full membership in USSVWWII was limited to only World War II veterans (and despite repeated attempts to change this over the years), USSVI, United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. was finally formed, not so much as a competing organization, but as a complementary one. As the members of USSVWWII has gotten older, many of their local chapters have disbanded. The memorials that they created are now being maintained by local USSVI bases.

Each issue contains information about the organization’s day-to-day operations, but they also contain a treasure trove of information about submarine history, including many personal stories not published elsewhere.

Issues have been indexed to show the submarines mentioned in each issue, as well as titles and subjects of articles and names of individuals featured. (It takes approximately an hour to index each issue, especially the larger ones.)

The electronic copies of each issue have been provided to USSVI.

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Index by Year

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