The Submariner Review

The Submarine Review

In March 2007, The Naval Submarine League (NSL) donated a nearly complete set of their publication, The Submarine Review, to AIMM.

Published quarterly since 1983, The Submarine Review is published to further the interests of the submarine service and to inform the public about submarine matters. It is NSL’s belief that an active professional dialogue is necessary to ensure public awareness of the continuing need for a strong submarine force and a strong national defense.

As a forum for professional discussion, The Submarine Review provides a vehicle to develop ideas about submarines and the art of submarining. The articles published in the review reflect a broad base of expertise derived from personal experience – the recall of historical precedents; technological insight; public relations; today’s world; strategic planning and analysis; conceptual creativity; and innovative thinking.

AIMM would like to thank Ron Martini, USSVI member and author of Hot, Straight and Normal: A Submarine Bibliography for providing an electronic copy of his published index of The Submarine Review from April 1983 – July 2001, as this saved our staff a great deal of time and effort in preparing these web pages.