Our beloved USS Razorback turns 75 this year!  She was commissioned on 03 April 1944, sponsored by Mrs. Henry Frederick Dillman Davis with Lieutenant Commander Albert M. Bontier in command.  She was in Tokyo Bay during the surrender of Japan.  Mr. H.F.D. Davis oversaw construcion of the Razorback, among other boats as the Shipyard Manager at Portsmouth where she was build.  Below are a few words from Stan Davis, their grandson.  

“People believed that his H.F.D. initials stood for “Hell-Fire and Damnation” Davis rather than “Henry Frederick Dillman” Davis.  He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1908 and got a masters degree from Columbia while working at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  In the late 1920s he, Hazel, my dad and uncle were living in Shanghai while HFD oversaw construction of gunboats for Chang Kai-shek! In the early 1930s he was in DC at BuShips.  In the later 1930s, he was Plans Officer at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard focused among other things on flying boats, especially perfecting the famous Catalina PBY.  In 1940 he took over the Industrial Department at Portsmouth.”   

Join us April 3rd, 2019 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the USS Razorbacks’ commissioning.  The ceremony will take place from 12:00-12:45pm, and is free and open to the public.  Our keynote speaker is Retired Vice Admiral Kenneth Floyd.  We will also be hearing a few words written by Stan Davis, whose grandfather was the shipyard manager where she was built.  In addition to Ret. Vice Admiral Floyd, Charlie Duveen will tell the story of his father being rescued by the USS Razorback in World War II! 

We will have a private reception that evening from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  The Razorback Base and any sailors attending the reunion and/or ceremony, as well as their families’, are invited.  We will be serving heavy hor d’oeauvres and providing a donation bar with beer and wine.  Call 501-371-8320 or e-mail Camille Smith at with any questions!