For information about other things to do and see while in North Little Rock, please contact the North Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau:

(501) 758-1424
1 Eldor Johnson Drive
North Little Rock, AR 72118

Recommended Hotel:
The Wyndham Riverfront Hotel at 2 Riverfront Place in North Little Rock is offering a significant discount to visitors coming to town for “Arkansas Remembers Pearl Harbor.” To reserve your room, call (501) 907-4837 or book online before November 23, 2016.

Guests will enjoy all the amenities of a downtown location without the traffic or parking problems. Onsite ground-level parking is free and they offer complimentary transportation to and from the Little Rock National Airport and downtown. The Wyndham is also home to the Riverfront Steakhouse and Benihana. The Riverfront Steakhouse has been awarded the Arkansas Times Four Star rating and the North Little Rock Times Readers Choice Award for best restaurant and best steak. It has also been named one of America’s 21 Best Steakhouses by Thrillist. Benihana has been awarded Best Benihana Franchise in the USA. Benihana offers something different from the usual dining experience: groups delight in watching the chefs perform with all the flair and style that is indicative of a Japanese steakhouse.